Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Thing

On Thursday, I will do laundry. I will gather the random piles of clothes throughout the room, evidence of a weekend of condensed grad school classes, night shifts, basketball games near and far, and days of conferences preceding it.

On Thursday, I will do dishes. The lunch Tupperware and salad bowls and muffin tins and tea strainers are accumulating in piles, begging to be dealt with and yet able to wait a moment, a day longer.

Yesterday? I was on vacation, which I spent gathering a couple hours with Curtis before he went to work and then driving seven hours round trip to my brother's basketball game.

Today? I squeezed in a workout before Bible Study and yet another basketball game.

Tomorrow? I have sewing group. Yes, a sewing group. Don't worry, there are two other 20-something in this group, along with the mom of one of our best high school friends (who unfortunately is out of state).

And so it all waits for Thursday.

Good thing there is enough random food to stave off a trip to the grocery store. Who needs an organized meal when you have yogurt, and blueberry muffins, and granola, and leftover mashed potatoes?

Also a good thing? Soup and salad day at school for lunch tomorrow...provided by people other than myself.

For now I will ignore the piles forming in favor of a good night's sleep and good time with friends. I'm pretty confident it will all still be there in a couple days.

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