Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Slush and Such


Today was a slogging kind of day.
Slogging through the fresh blanket of snow that turned to slush when the temperature hit the mid-thirties.
Slogging through research papers at school, where absences and laziness have left some students on step two of the process while the rest of the class is on step five.
Slogging through my lunch break when a handful of students come in for extra help, when all I can think about is the students that should be there, but aren't.
Slogging through three loads of laundry.

It's just feeling like a really long week.

The good news? Curtis doesn't have to work this weekend, a welcome break after two thirty hour shifts last weekend.

The bad news? We still have two days of school left, and despite the intense storm that is giving my comrades in Ohio a couple of snow days, here there is no inclement weather in site.

And so I press forward: through the slush, through the research papers, through the laundry.

Sometimes, you just have to keep moving, knowing that it will all end--eventually. After all, when you hang out in the slush too long, you just end up soaked, salty and gross.

And then all you end up with more laundry.

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