Friday, April 29, 2011

Out of Commission

Curtis's biking coat...sloppy from a wet commute home.

After Tuesday's meet I was duly exhausted, but on Wednesday morning it became apparent that the exhaustion was beginning to manifest itself as a cold. In an effort to prevent what was clearly becoming inevitable, I laid in bed for twelve hours after a full day of work and practice.

And the cold got worse.

On Thursday, after a full day of work and practice, the idea of climbing back in bed for a twelve hour stint was appalling, despite my worsening cold. It was a gorgeous day outside: blue skies, light breeze, temperatures in the fifties. A friend called for a last minute running date and I couldn't turn her down. After a "short" run (to be kind to my cold) turned into six miles, I felt invigorated. Once home, I jumped on the bike to accompany Curtis on his run, only my second ride of the spring. The fresh air made my congestion seem to disappear. Unfortunately, as soon as I made it inside to work on dinner, I realized that perhaps two rounds of outside activity was not going to be the best treatment. I crashed in bed and could feel my congestion worsen, a pile of used tissues growing by my bed.

The cold was full force, now.

Today I made it to school only to turn around and come home half day. I was a snotty mess, and making it through a full day was going to be nothing short of miserable, not to mention probably not going to help me get any better. I made it home by noon, climbed into bed, and quickly began working through the tissue as I struggled to sleep.

Hello, weekend. Good thing I didn't have any pressing plans.

Sometimes I don't know what to do when I can sense my body is failing me. Rest? Get fresh air? Keep going with life? Stop everything? It seems, at times, that the cold will do what it wants regardless of how I curtail my schedule to appease it, and that frustrates me. I like to know that my efforts work toward meaningful results. In the mean time, I will watch the weather forecast and dream of unclogged sinuses and a full tank of energy.

I've been waiting too long to see all this beautiful spring weather go to waste.

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