Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unexpected Gifts


It was a cold afternoon on the track. The predicted rain and snow, shown on the weather forecast for the past ten days, didn't show, but the chill in the air reminded everyone outside that we were not fully finished with winter.

And yet, it is spring. The track meet today, the first outside event of the season, proved that we don't wait for weather in this town--the show goes on.

Today's meet was hosted by yours truly, an added project that has caused grading and planning to stack up neglected, my typically meticulous desk space to grow quite unorganized, and my list of daily to-do's to multiply exponentially. Yes, today was the culmination of much planning. Even as the meet played out amidst flaws (timer batteries that die in the middle of the 1600?) and forgetfulness (bullhorns, anyone?), it rolled by fairly smoothly and showed how much support I have in this community that I joined only eight months ago.

After all, if I can convince people other than immediate family to join me out in frigid wind to help corral and direct distractable teenagers, I have much for which I can be thankful: a supportive community, a lack of snow, and a whole weekend to catch up from this exhaustion.

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