Sunday, May 1, 2011

That Kind of Weekend


Though most of the weekend was spent in bed with a box of tissues, there were some bright spots to be had. First? Our second bedroom is practically finished. The walls are a warm yellow, the baseboards a fresh white, and the windows freshly washed. Most of this was Curtis's doing while I alternated between folding laundry, and lying in the pile that formed on my bed. Sanitary, I know.

There is something hugely satisfying about cleaning up, clearing out and putting together a room, or watching someone do this for you. The fact that Curtis's parents are coming to stay with us this weekend may or may not have anything to do with the push to finish the project.

Second? Sunday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous. The sunny skies that taunted my congested body on Friday while I headed home to bed disappeared late in the afternoon and didn't reappear all day Saturday. I suppose Saturday's grey skies matched my disposition, but it didn't do much to lift my mood. I could not have been much more frustrated to be stuck in bed on a weekend where Curtis was off if I had tried. I pretty much alternated between sleeping and moping.

Third? On Sunday morning, as if in sync with the weather, my cold lifted. There is no doubt that I am still a snotty mess, but I am feeling rejuvenated, and able to be physically up and about without crashing into bed completely exhausted within the hour. An hour bike ride in the sun and wind almost made up for being cooped up 48 hours in advance. It also made heading into another busy week feel like a feat I can realistically accomplish.

I suppose weekends come in all different shapes and sizes: busy, slow, packed, empty, healthy, sick, lonely, and content. I'm just hoping that the weekend I happened on this time doesn't cycle back through for several months.

I much prefer the other kinds.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better friend, and that the snotty mess has fully cleared!!