Monday, May 23, 2011

Thoroughly Satisfied

Today, on my first official day of summer break, I spent the day in class. I spent eight hours inside, seated next to two story windows showcasing green, growing birch trees against a bright blue sky.

That’s right, folks. On the day where I could have been outside, I voluntarily spent it inside—all in the name of a teaching certificate.

The good news is that come 4:30 I was released to a day with plenty of daylight left, and after a quick phone call I had myself a hiking date. The day was gorgeous, the temperature perfect, and there was only one sighting of bear poop. As I drove home this evening, the sun still high in the sky and the air fresh, I felt like I might burst with satisfaction.

Even though I have to sit inside tomorrow for another eight hours and the temperature is expected to hit seventy, I certainly won’t be stressing about it. I will sleep well tonight with the warm glow of the sun still on my face, my legs weary.

And maybe tomorrow, I will do it all again.

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