Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Comfortable


I find myself sitting in the same place, one year later, both a same and different person. The trees have aged, died and come back to life. The seasons have come full circle, and I guess in a way so have I.

I am back, but only for a visit.

I feel at ease back in this town I lived in for eight years. This is where I became an adult, dated and married, procured my first job and started my first career. This is the place I learned to love cardinals and autumn leaves, a place I became my own person with my own thoughts, and a place where I will probably always have many friends and confidants.

This is a place I love.

I no longer live here, with all the variety of flora and fauna…I live far away, where moose wander up and down the road and mountains flank my existence. The seasons are very unbalanced, and the winter is beautiful and long. We bask in exhaustion through abundant sunlight and fight fatigue when the sun rises and falls between meals.

We are often asked if we will return to this Midwest place that moves on without us, and yet comfortably allows us to settle back in when we show up for the week. We don’t know the next time we will come to visit, let alone if we will ever move back. But we do know that it is a place that will always feel comfortable: where runs through neighborhoods and parks trace routes we know by heart, where every corner and shop seems to hold memories, and where an old house on an insignificant street holds an apartment that will always be “our first”.

We may be visitors in this place for the rest of our lives, but being a visitor doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself at home.

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  1. Love.

    This morning while walking E in a new pier park along the river, I heard laughter and looked up at the hill where the sprinkler systems were going off. I saw a couple running through the sprinklers who, I swear, looked so much like you and Curtis that I immediately did a double take and checked your blog just in case you had made a side trip to NYC...