Friday, June 10, 2011

The Thrill of Travel

Taken during our recent trip in Salt Lake, where a one hour layover turned into almost four--the perfect opportunity to enjoy overcooked chinese food, and frozen yogurt.

There is something exciting about getting away from it all: scheduled responsibilities, daily work, household necessities. In my experience it doesn't matter if I have big plans or a wide open schedule, it's nice to just "be" somewhere else.

One of my favorite parts about being away is flying--and I say this as someone that gets motion sick very easily. What's the draw of airplanes? Being completely cut off. Unless you are the elderly gentleman sitting next to me recently that kept his cell phone on to receive texts and send emails whenever a signal appeared, cell phones are out of commission for the entire flight. Until recently, internet was out of the question too. This mandatory technology hiatus has become a welcome time to check-out over the years: five hours to LA or Salt Lake, six to Chicago, eight to Atlanta...a long afternoon or evening to read without interruption, sleep if desired, watch a movie with scratchy audio or try to stave off sickness in the midst of turbulence.

In the technology infused age in which we live, every trip has a chance to begin with a bit of cleansing to think, reflect, listen to the baby cry in the back of the plane (or in my ear, if I'm back there). There's nothing appealing about being stuck in a germ-infested, inclosed environment except for this.

And whether or not I end up exiting the airplane with a tightly sealed bag, I hope the attraction of this time of seclusion never loses its charm.

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