Wednesday, July 6, 2011



My eyes are swollen and itchy this evening, thanks no doubt to the generous supply of cottonwood I swam through on my evening run, picking it out of my eyelashes, blowing it out of my nose. Yet, I can hardly complain.

It has been a beautiful day, with hours to play with my friend’s small children, to sit on the deck and sip lemonade, to take walks with strollers and bikes with training wheels.

And when the play date was over, and I was headed home from the evening, I couldn’t help but recognize how far life has come. I never would have guessed as an insecure junior higher spending the night at a friend’s house that someday her children would invite me to their birthday parties, dance with me to Adele’s latest hit, and humor me while I try to throw decent pitches at their ready bats.

During summer days when I am not travelling I oscillate between feeling productive and lazy, between feeling fulfilled and frustrated. I always have a long list of projects and tasks, but sometimes I have the unmistakable urge to throw it all out of the window in favor of playing outside. And if anyone knows how to soak up summer sun, oblivious of time or responsibilities, it is a couple of red-headed four year olds who know that “Ash” is always up for anything.

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