Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silent Night

I went out running in a brisk wind today.
Brisk, mid teens in temperature,
not frigid like it will be come January.
After Sunday's brush with snow,
winter has continued to move in.

Halloween's costumed children had to prance around in a blowing snow storm Monday night,
with visibility that I wouldn't choose to drive in,
let alone voluntarily walk around in for an hour or two.

While the trick-or-treaters were scarce in our oh-so-boring condo complex,
they were multiplying in my friend's neighborhood,
where I ventured for the haunted evening.
I stayed at her house to hand out candy while she ventured out with her preschoolers,
perhaps more eager to fight through snow drifts than the children
in their costume covered snowsuits
let on.

And I was happy to let her go,
wrapped with a Moby wrap bundled around her two month old,
grading papers in my free moments,
watching the sugar highs and subsequent crashes as the evening wore on.

Tonight I spent my few free moments grocery shopping,
cleaning out the refrigerator,
folding dry laundry from yesterday afternoon,
fixing food to take to school for lunch,
replacing the battery in a smoke detector,
changing light bulbs in the bathroom,
in the flashing light Curtis affixes to the back of his bike.

And in these simple moments, I feel satisfied.

Once in a while my life hits a rhythm where the early morning alarm is not a burden,
where quiet reading before starting the day is a solace,
where conflicts with students are met with patience,
and the end of the day comes with a quiet sigh,
content to do it again in the morning.

I do not know if tomorrow will feel the same,
but for now my world is at peace,
a place that felt a million miles away not so many days ago.

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