Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Tease


Just a few days later, Thanksgiving feels like a distant memory. The extended weekend was full of visits with family, basketball games, Christmas shopping and the occasional quiet, slow-moving hour. Curtis was supposed to work through the weekend, but got off early Thanksgiving morning, which was quickly dubbed "a Thanksgiving miracle".

The break has been referred to by many of my colleagues as a tease, and I am inclined to agree. While I did manage to catch up on grading, clean the house a bit, and spend more time than usual sleeping and working out, I reached the end of the weekend ready--at last--to settle in for a break, not ready to get back to my labors.

I suppose, in the spirit of the season, this puts me in line with an attitude of advent. I seem to be always aware of the next opportunity for peace and rest, and in this life it is surely fleeting. And so we press forward, into the weeks of chaos that lead to a moment's quiet, trying to appreciate the moments of peace and joy that can be gleaned from routine struggles in everyday life.

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