Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter Activity: Monday Matinee

Movie-lovin', photography shootin', this sister reminds me not to take my schedule too taken during our sister trip to NYC a couple summers ago, which she had a large part in pushing inspiring us to do...

Today my sister and I ventured to round two of what has become known as our "Monday Matinee". A local small-touristy-theater decided that to boost winter business they would present a series of 80'sish films for the viewing pleasure of all who wouldn't mind seeing a young John Cusack wearing high tops and oversized trench coats. Last week we circled a few blocks too many downtown in seeking out our destination; this week we crossed the snowy streets with purpose, a careful eye toward sliding vehicles lest we miss our showing. Greeted with a selection of canned soda and gourmet popcorn, we have ventured into the miniature theater both times to find it completely empty.

Just our luck--we are the only ones that see this opportunity for the lovely outing that it is.

We laughed loudly at the subtle humor and commented on hair-dos and outfits to our hearts delight, spoiling our dinner with salt and vinegar popcorn and cherry coke. When the credits rolled, we cleaned up our empty bags and found ourselves in rush-hour downtown traffic. Never fear, we had an ipod full of a variety of music, and though the ten minute commute took us twenty-five, I hardly cared--it was hangout time at its best.

It's true: I had a backpack full of gear and skis in my car when she called me at school this afternoon asking for accompaniment to the flick. The sun was shining, the trails were calling my name, and in that moment I had to decide: sunny ski in isolation? or 80's hair on the large screen with top-notch bonding and treats?

I'd be lying if I said I wavered for a moment, but in the end, I have no doubt the right choice was made.

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