Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Year of Patience

Taken on New Year's Eve...

2011 was a year of settling in and adjusting. Though the year started six months in to Curtis's new job and our cross country move, it felt in some ways like it took us that long to hit our stride: our relationships with those around us deepened, the rhythm needed to match our often-conflicting schedules was established, and we made our condo more of a home.

At some point this summer, I realized that 2011's theme was and would be patience. Perhaps it was the product of settling in to our new life, which inevitably loses the honeymoon glow. Perhaps it's that this year is "in the middle"--not the beginning of Curtis's training, but not the end either. Perhaps it's the reality that my group of students this year held a different set of challenges. Whatever the reason, that will be the quality I remember from this time in my life: learning to be content, learning to appreciate qualities and circumstances that clash with my inclinations, remembering that patience is a fruit of the spirit, and not something I can cultivate with my own sheer will power.

Even though these challenges did not dissipate with the fireworks we watched on New Year's early morning, I look forward to turning the calendar just the same. A new year, even one that happens in the midst of so many commitments already in motion, feels fresh.

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