Friday, February 24, 2012

Absence Ended

Today, the sun gleamed through my window. The arch of the sun's path is finally high enough to rise above the second story brick wall that my classroom windows face, evidence that the days are growing longer, and summer is approaching. Winter is long in this state, a reality of living so far from the equator. Our angle in the universe is favorable for those glorious summer months when the sky merely dims before coming back to life; yet, we pay the price all winter, when I only see the sun on the weekends, scheduling outdoor activity between the hours of 11 and 3 to meet the sun's demands. Only then would it arch above the horizon on the South end of town, following a shallow angle falling far short of reaching above our heads.

The students turned and faced the bright rays of the afternoon in awe, distracted from a friday's work even more than usual. I couldn't bring myself to close the blinds. What heartless teacher would withhold a few moments of warm rays on their backs, even as it caused a glare on the board and distraction from the task at hand? I was mesmerized along with them, content to stare out the window for long moments at a time, almost disbelieving our showy visitor had thought to stop by.

Soon enough the daylight will be an assumption rather than an unexpected guest, brightening the rooms at all hours of the day, threatening sleep habits and messing with any natural sense of when it is time to be awake. Soon enough spring fever will be upon us, causing teenagers near and far to make rash decisions, fail to tie themselves to projects that need to be finished, and at that point the sun's long absence will be forgotten in light of its status as a full time resident. Until then, I will still smile at the novel sight of daylight in my home--on a weekday. I will leave the blinds open even as it lets heat escape and inspires squinting in everyone who walks through my classroom doors. Because today the sun is still a novelty, and I am so happy it is back.

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