Saturday, February 4, 2012

Counting Details

One foot of snow fell during the day Friday, prompting early business closures and the cancelation of many after school activities. After clearing off my vehicle and fearing the worst, I made it home only a few minutes later than I would have had the roads been clear. I would like to think that a winter that has gathered over one hundred inches of snow has taught all the local drivers caution in the midst of our regularly scheduled blizzards. Unfortunately the number of vehicles in the ditch and lodged in snow would suggest otherwise.

Two loaves of bread were made from the dough I made after arriving home from school. After being called away from baking for a spontaneous date night, Curtis headed home to study for his latest board exam and I went to my brother’s game—the rising dough could wait till morning to bake. As one might predict, the dough smelled yeasty and fermented twelve hours later; never fear, it still tasted good once baked.

Three loads of laundry were completed by 3pm on Saturday afternoon, a task that always leaves me feeling productive and often leads to random of cleaning out closets and reorganizing drawers. This weekend’s victims? Curtis’s leaning tower of t-shirts and a sock drawer that couldn’t be ignored. Don’t let him know that I tossed a very holey pair of old running socks; I’m sure they were well-loved, but they’ve seen much better days.

Four o’clock found me back in the gym with my family, watching two high school teams travel up and down the court to the echoes of cheerleading chants and referee whistles. While sporting events pack our already full schedule at times, I love how they provide a gathering place a couple times a week. I always miss it when a season ends.

Five weeks into the new semester and I am unable to keep up with how quickly the year has gone. Just over a month and track will start; soon after that the school year will be over. Daylight increases a few minutes everyday, and I was surprised to find the sky gathering hints of light and color as early as nine this morning, a huge improvement on where we were. On a day like today when the sun is shining and the temperature is reasonable, it is easy to feel a small step closer to summer. That is, until you step foot outside and see another thick, fresh blanket of snow.


  1. Beautifully written, as always. It sounds like life is pleasant, or at least your finding the joy in the little things. This year is going fast! It seems to go faster every year to me. It's nice that you slow it down a bit by taking time to record the little moments that might otherwise be overlooked.

  2. Is it bad if I'm hoping for another good dump down and snow day?