Saturday, April 21, 2012

Snippits of a Week

"Can we take them on the track?" the photographer asked when he arrived to take team pictures. I didn't laugh in his face, or cry in frustration. Instead, I said "wouldn't that be nice?" and explained our current predicament: two weeks left, and a track still fully covered. This time last year we hosted a meet. Yesterday might have been a gorgeous day for such things--high 50's and sunny--yet it would be more of a snow shoe race than anything.

"It reminds me of a communion wafer," Curtis said after tasting the crisp white garnish that flanked my salmon filet. We went out to celebrate Curtis's dad's birthday this week while his parents were on a brief layover en route to greener and warmer places. I celebrated the occasion by wearing no coat--just a down vest.

"What does it mean to be born out of wedlock?" my student asked as he researched his chosen character, a person he determined to impact history. As soon as I started explaining the concept, he blushed and made it clear that no further explanation was needed: he got the point.

"My eyes are going to be burning," Curtis commented over french toast this morning, when we realized we never go lap swimming at the same time. Nearly five years of marriage and we've successfully shared one swim cap and one pair of goggles. Though I'm the one training for a triathlon, Curtis is hard-pressed to pass up any workout opportunity--especially if he has the day off.

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