Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Embrace

It was quiet when I returned from church. My face was speckled with mud, my forehead sweaty, my legs worn from a morning bike to and from church. I peaked in on Curtis while I collected items to shower, tip-toeing around while I gingerly opened drawers and creaked the door closed, chiding myself for not planning ahead and gathering my belongings earlier, knowing he'd be asleep when I returned.

Muddy clothes in the wash, I counted down minutes until I could wake him up, eager to share the few remaining hours of the weekend together.

This morning as I readied to bike on the slush-littered sidewalks I called Curtis to see how the night had progressed. While he'd hoped to be home by 10 this morning, he knew now it would be much later. A busy night made for a busy morning, with many patients to see and notes to be written. Even after over 24 hours of work he sounded alert and surprisingly upbeat. I know better to expect this demeanor after a three hour nap reminds his body that he has gone far too long without rest, yet I love to hear his positive outlook after so many patients have demanded his attention. To have work that is fulfilling is truly a gift.

Today I find myself embracing the silence, a few hours with Curtis before he returns to bed, and the hum of the washer as evidence of my earlier adventure. Tomorrow I look forward to students' questions on writing on grammar, on track events on injury, and even the occasional inquisitive student that cares to know what filled my weekend. "It was quiet," I will tell them, "and filled with laundry, and bike rides, and softly playing Josh Ritter while my husband napped in the other room." And when they proclaim--with their expression or their words--that my weekend doesn't seem very fun, I will close the conversation content to know that someday they may find themselves craving the very same weekend.

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