Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Bear in mind, our current heat wave is still about fifteen degrees shy of what we were sweating through in Chicago…

I’ve been working through my summer to-do list. Since I spent the first week of summer break in classes, and then proceeded to spend two weeks out of town, I am feeling the need to get started on items neglected since, well, before track season started back in March.

For the past two days, unfortunately, the sun has been shining full force. The temperatures have been in the 70’s and any good Alaskan knows that days such as these are a treat, a gift, and fleeting. While the angel on one shoulder sings of all the things I could accomplish if I buckled down and focused on productivity, the devil on the other shoulder proclaims, “put on a tank top and shorts, bike and run, sit in the sun, for tomorrow it will surely rain.”

Still waiting on those rain clouds.

On the other hand, my vitamin D level has got to be spectacular, and I’m making up for lost time after a long, dark winter: oil changes, closet purging and car washes can wait. 

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