Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reckless Abandon

Taken at the state fair this weekend, the last time I spotted blue skies...

My hips hurt, and I am the only one to blame. Today I ran for an hour, hard, the first time I've done this in many weeks. It felt good, liberating even to pound out the miles as wind that had been forecasted through warnings all day whipped the birch trees of still-green and barely golden leaves, showering them on us even as the rain pelted our faces. I wore too many layers, an easy mistake when it's the first autumn day of running. I shed my pants, but couldn't leave my wind breaking coat, or my longs leeved shirt--even though I knew eventually I would get too warm.

Eventually I tied my coat around my waist, passing many athletes on the way out, sweeping the trails on the way back in, remembering corners and intersections I haven't explored in many months. I have so many memories on these trails, and my thoughts run wild with hopes and dreams and disappointments past and present. By the time we finished the wind had gotten worse and the wind storm predicted had fully shown up. As I drove home tonight my car was pelted with long branches still green with leaves, trails of rain whipped in the tail lights of cars like wet exhaust crossing the street with abandon. Now the lights flicker, the windows shift, and I go to bed thankful that I sleep just far enough away from the windows that the tree outside should not be able to maim me if it came crashing in.

Can I hope for a power outage? A day at home to read for pleasure, unencumbered with ungraded papers that I didn't even bring home from school? It's a long shot, but it might just perfectly complete an evening that was already beautiful--wind, rain, aching hips and all.

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  1. Well you little brat, looks like you got your day off. Meanwhile, some of us still had to come into work today. Lame! ;)