Friday, October 5, 2012

Finally Hiding Away

Our field trip location, taken last year when the weather was a bit more dry...

Today is wet. 

Scheduling outdoor field trips at this time of year is a gamble at best, with some days gracing us with crisp, fall air and sunny, clear skies and others coming around with a cold, heavy bout of rain--like it did today. The good news was that it was scheduled for half the day. The bad news was that as prepared as I was--rain boots, waterproof pants and jacket, thick wool socks and a hat and gloves--I still boarded the bus two hours later with numb feet and damp jeans. Even my best track meet gear was little match for the persistent rain. Now that I'm in the quiet of home, the echo of the rain on the roof and the gurgle of the gutters are soothing, and the memory of cold and wet does little to squelch my appreciation for a departure from the truth.

I can't help but appreciate time outside with my students. Individuals that normally lay low (or play apathetic) in the classroom blossom when they are outdoors, performing poems with enthusiasm that they'd hardly venture to read out loud under florescent lights. The students beam with satisfaction over the physical labor they take part in (as part of our trip was community service), and still counter that two hours in the rain is a nice change from the classroom.

I couldn't agree more.

And now, I'm thankful it's Friday, I look forward to some down time to rest and relax, free of grading if only for a couple days. Curtis has the weekend off, and I do too, after two months of races. At this point I don't really have a preference for sun or rain--each will offer its own options, and as long as I'm not in charge a bunch teenagers, it will be perfect.

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