Saturday, November 24, 2012

Return to Reality

This morning Curtis woke up with a sad look on his face: vacation is over. There's always that inevitable reality check at the end of a week away, when you realize that your days of sleeping until whenever you want (usually about 7:30-8am--we've never been good at sleeping in), having the leisure of taking Curtis on my runs (alternating running and walking for forty minutes or so) before sending him off on his own, and lounging in the sunshine while reading entire books (!) in less than 48 hours are numbered. It's been a good run, and we have well-rested minds and spirits to show for it--that and some very non-Alaskan tan lines.

Today we return to reality: single digit temperatures, a sparse, pathetic amount of snow and a large increase of darkness. We return to jobs, and overnight call and being responsible for our own meals (unlike when we're with his family, and all planning and cooking is rather communal). Yet, there is something comfortable about returning to one's own space. Regular life offers a freedom of its own, where productive work offers choices of its own, choices that don't feel inherently self-centered for much of the day.

So this is goodbye, to 80 degrees and sunny, to endless hours holding my new baby niece, to s'mores around a fire pit and Harry Potter legos with Curtis's six year old cousin. Goodbye to running outside without fears of falling, and tank tops and shorts to shield against overheating instead of bitter wind. It has been a wonderful hiatus.

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