Monday, November 5, 2012


It is easy to get lost in predictability of every day: get up, go to work, exercise, make dinner, do laundry, go to bed. Perhaps the rhythm is disrupted with evening plans with friends, the allure of a good book, or a stack of pressing grading. Regardless, days roll on without being marked at times, blending together seamlessly.

I have always loved predictability, and while the schedule Curtis and I have held for the majority of our marriage is full, it's also one that is very familiar. We work, we play, we rest. Much of our schedule is dictated by other people, and while we eagerly look forward to the day when work consumes a bit less of each day, I don't expect to have any increase in "free" time. It always seems to be filled somehow; we need only be intentional about the contents. 

And the contents are looking good these days, growing by the week, already altering our activities and future plans as much as it is my wardrobe. As much as I will miss the life we live now and the rhythm we have held for years now, I am thrilled for the upcoming change of pace and the chaos that will inevitably ensue. 

I cannot wait for spring. 

Curtis's favorite ultrasound picture to date: the fist pump.

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