Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Units of Measurement

Mountain sunrise, happening after 9:30 these days...

The moon has greeted me driving to and from work this week, lighting the sky even as the sun sets painfully early. This time of year it always seems to be large and bright, sometimes jaundiced and other crisp as the snow. Today it peaked out partway behind pink, glowing mountains, still colored with the 4pm sunset. The scenery is always enchanting with the temperatures drop, and drop they have to zero and below, leaving Curtis layered for his ride to work, and me shivering when the end of the month calls for a fire drill. For now my down coat fits me, though I think I only have a week in it left.

Christmas is coming, and though the radio and stores and calendars proclaim it, I have felt the season arrive quite yet. I'm not sure if actually getting decorations out and up will do it (though this task will fall behind the more pressing bathroom cleaning, and maternity jean patching tasks that always find me a bit too weary to accomplish). Perhaps the Christmas cookies that inevitably arrive in the teacher's lounge, or the jingle bell earrings that teenage girls sport as a seasonal distraction will do the trick. Perhaps I just need my wipe-off board to read "December". However I get there, Christmas break--and the breathing room that comes with Curtis's schedule for the weeks surrounding--will surely find me in the spirit, ready to rest, reflect and find some time away from the stacks of grading and planning that haunt my mind week in and week out. 

I will miss the full moon as it wanes, starting tomorrow, continuing to cycle through another season of existence. The next time it arrives, we will be finished giving up daylight, starting our gradual gain toward our summer solstice. It is funny to be in stage where I measure my life in weeks, each marking a noted gain of weight, development, growth, maturity. Yet the measurements I have used for years, and others have used for centuries, continue: semesters, moons, seasons. Time continues, with each moment offering something different from the last. 

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