Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alternate Rhythm

It took me a little time to realize how ridiculous I looked galavanting around town on Thursday: seven months pregnant, carrying a three month old baby that still looks quite a bit like a newborn. Baby carriers are awkward at best, especially when you have a protruding belly, but it took me a minute to realize that the exceptional amount of glances and smiles I was collecting had more to do with the combination than the fact that my niece is just exceptionally cute (in my incredibly unbiased opinion).

Glances and double-takes aside, the niece-watching gig was an excellent addition to a Christmas break that--while already halfway over--has been full of lots of rest balanced with activities. Breaks find me making to-do lists with doctors appointments alongside finding refills for our hand soap, which is currently so watered down I wonder if it is doing much good. I have spent hours with friends from in and out of town, and evenings playing games with my brother--whose normal schedule of academics and athletics doesn't often allow for one of his favorite free time activities.

To top it off the weather has been perfect, with mild temperatures in the twenties coupled with a generous Christmas day snow, making the trails fresh and fast. Curtis and I have gone skiing in the evenings, testing out my compromised center of balance and skis that are clearly too soft with the extra pounds I'm currently carrying, watching in the shadows for the moose that have already punched through the groomed trails with their tell-tale tracks.

Perhaps the brevity of the break reminds me to relish every opportunity, be it time with those I love or the luxury of a mid-afternoon nap. Just as the frigid temperatures will settle in sooner or later, so will a busy schedule.  And while neither are inherently bad things, I must say I have really appreciated the change of pace.

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