Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Expectations Realized

Our Thanksgiving table for fourteen, a bit more formal than dinner at home...

Yesterday Curtis and I lingered over dinner, spooning broth from the latest soup recipe I found online, spreading butter and jam on slices of bread fresh from the oven, sipping cider brewed with mulling spices against the sub-zero temperatures outdoors. It seemed like the perfect winter evening: both home from work, both full of stories from the day, neither completely exhausted quite yet. 

Evenings such as that feel like such a luxury, when so often our evenings are filled with previous commitments, overtime working that is necessary but not scheduled, or just frustration and exhaustion from situations we never predicted. On those days meals are thrown together thoughtlessly, with us crashing to bed quickly without much conversation, having only enough energy to vent about the scenarios we find ourselves in that are completely beyond our control. We know what we want in our work, and so often reality clashes with our expectations--leaving our evenings together, sometimes the only scant moments we share for weeks at a time, lacking in any restful depth. 

Last night was the picture of what I hoped for when I got married: camaraderie, connection, a safe relaxing place at the end of day. And even though that picture fails to come to fruition for days or weeks at a time, I cherish the moments when every detail seems to come together. 


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