Friday, January 4, 2013

Settling Back In

Morning sunrise, just before 10am...

Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised to find prenatal vitamins this morning, stashed in the Christmas gift from our neighbor--a nurse-- who recently discovered our growing addition. It's easier to mask a seven month belly when you prance around in your husband's down coat--since mine haven't fit for over a month. And since I typically only encounter our friendly neighbor outdoors, she rarely sees me without my generous outer layers. 

Today has been a day of cleaning out: laundry from our trip to the island, gifts from both Christmas and baby shower that need to be organized and put in place, suitcases to be stowed in the upper shelf of the closet for a few months while we settle in for what will be one of the biggest transitions of our marriage. I keep waiting for that nesting instinct of which everyone warns--this push to ready the home for baby's arrival. Instead I find myself capitalizing on moments of energy to sort and clean and organize, and taking naps in the in between.

Next week I return to school, to novels and research papers and grading. The hiatus was well needed, and while I mourn the loss of the generous rest my body frequently reminds me I need, I look forward to my final several weeks in the classroom. It is a place I love, some days more than others, and I will miss it even as I move on to other great adventures.  

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