Friday, February 8, 2013

Soundtrack of a Memory

Taken that summer in 2004, during a weekend visit in July...

Yesterday evening as I lay in a final, resting position in my prenatal yoga class, I was transported eight and a half years. A song from the soundtrack of Amelie came softly over the speakers, a song off an album Curtis gave me three months after we began dating. It was a parting token as he headed back to our home state for the summer, and I stayed behind to compete in post-season races. After three months of dating we were poised for almost three months apart.

It was a dark evening in May when the gift was given, and the sky was on fire with a spectacular show of lightening. We parted at the Amtrak station, a cheaper form of travel to connect to Chicago and much more friendly to the college budget than airfare, which to and from Alaska is bad enough. I would come to cherish the handwritten note that accompanied the cd he left with me that evening, handwriting that would become all too familiar with three months apart. Though we lived in the same state, few of our friends could truly understand that it still meant 300 miles separated us--he on an island, me on the mainland.

That album with its somber according tones and haunting piano would be a soundtrack to that first summer in our relationship, filling the gap between phone calls on calling cards, emails on occasion and the cherished letter. I haven't pulled out that cd in years, and hearing the familiar tune nearly brought me to tears with all the time that it represented.

Nearly nine years later I see wedding pictures on the wall, hear the sound of Curtis cleaning the kitchen down the hall, feel our baby kicking and shifting within my stomach. It is funny to look back and realize that I had no idea on the rainy night in May just how life would turn out. It has been a journey with its fair share of challenges, but also a generous amount of joy. And as we celebrate our relationship this Valentine's day, because of the anniversary it marks more than the Hallmark holiday, I find myself nostalgic once again. 

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  1. So excited for you and Curtis. I'm an email away if you need anything. xx