Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Instant Distraction (or Productivity Monopolized)

In what has quickly become six weeks, life has taken on a completely new rhythm. My days feel busy and yet empty at the same time. Yesterday when I picked Curtis up from work, I felt compelled to recall all the events of what felt like a monumentally productive day: "I washed the sheets, and I unloaded the dishwasher, and I made myself lunch..." only to realize the list that felt GIGANTIC was actually quite short. 

Yet, that didn't steal my satisfaction; instead, it only cemented what I have quickly come to realize...I can easily spend all day, just taking care of her. Everything I accomplish above and beyond that feels like a bonus these days.

I made it to a track meet recently, and had a wonderful time showing off my daughter to all sorts of students and parents and athletes. So many people have shared in our joy since her birth--bringing meals, sending gifts, writing notes in thoughtful cards. Going anywhere with her strapped to my chest brings a smile to seemingly everyone, strangers as much as friends. There is something about a small, bright-eyed baby that brightens the gloomiest day, and make the mundane special.

I suppose that's how my days pass, pausing a moment and sometimes an hour while she practices rolling over (already), tries out her newly discovered voice, and elicits the most ridiculous faces from me as she smiles and attempts to laugh. Soon enough, she falls asleep again, while I run around trying to prioritize my productive minutes until she wakes--ready to monopolize my day a bit more.

There are days when I can't wait to hand her off to Curtis the moment he walks in the door, but mostly I hand her off to him, and proceed to stare at her a while longer until be both crash at the end of the day from exhaustion (and then start over again tomorrow).

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