Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Taken that first year at the campout...

Three years ago I got off a plane, slept a few hours and ventured off to a camping trip with Curtis’s future coworkers. There was a lot of rain, a lot of dogs and a lot of people whose names needed to be learned. I left the next morning overwhelmed and covered in smoke, and spent the next two months finding a job, buying a condo, and relocating every week or two to housesit at a new location. It was exhausting but it was the next step: first undergrad, then medical school, now residency.

This was the last step.

Three years later, I watched as a new class of interns awkwardly conversed around the campfire, learning names and pecking orders, while spouses and significant others discussed job options and housing. It turns out that the graduating class had perhaps the most in common with the incoming interns, discussing future jobs and moves to new houses in the city or outside the state. The end of June is a time of transition, for both the new and the old.


Today is moving day at our house, and a team of men armed with loads of paper, black Sharpe markers, numbered neon green stickers and cardboard boxes showed up to pack all our belongings and ship them off to the island where Curtis will be working for the next few years. We were grateful to have people to pack us, as nervous as it makes me and my controlling tendencies. Having a baby has changed a lot in my life, and my ability to let go is perhaps one of the largest shifts. It has not been an easy transition, but it certainly has been necessary.

The sound of tape tearing and cardboard being manipulated echoed as music played from meager phone speakers. Everything from sweaters to applesauce to well-played board games and unused paper towels were put into boxes while we watched. When the baby was awake she alternated between playing on the floor and taking it all in while we peaked in on the workers, winning smiles with her eager eyes. When she got tired she slept in a bed we made on the floor of our bathroom, tucked away from the chaos that was surely exhausting her.

At the end of the day we had a hike with friends planned, a good way to let off stress and enjoy the amazing weather that we have continued to have this month. There is much we will miss about this place where we live, but the people we are leaving behind definitely top the list.

Tomorrow we will begin our lives as they exist in suitcases and duffels, a nomadic existence that will last for several weeks until we find a place to settle once again. And by that point I’m sure our itch to get away, relax and visit with friends and family will be satisfied, and we will be ready to have a place of our own once again.

Here’s to the journey: enjoying each step for the lessons and joys, embracing the times of rest as much as the times of labor, appreciating all we have and that will come in the future.

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