Monday, June 17, 2013

Work and Play

Denali was out in all her splendor Sunday, seemingly glowing in the heat with a pinkish hue that was out of place in midday sun. We’ve had two weeks of glorious temperatures in this state: 70’s (and sometimes 80’s) with full sun. I keep waiting for a rainy day to accomplish mundane indoor tasks, but the forecast still is not cooperating.

And so this week, ready or not, I need to get down to business.

We have reached the end of this journey in medical education: twelve years post-high school of training and hoop-jumping. In two weeks Curtis will be finished, and we’ll be moving on to our next post: a real job in a small town where “everybody knows your name”. It should be interesting.

In the mean time we’re packing up shop here in the city, cleaning out drawers and cupboards and organizing bags of clothes for hot weather and cold—because by the time we unpack the whole summer might be over.

Thankfully, despite the details to sort through during the week, the weekend proved a nice respite: hot temperatures, long bike rides, and refreshing swims in the lake. As I squinted against the reflections of the sun on the water, I realized I haven’t swam outdoors in Alaska since high school. Even then, most of those swims were dares, or feats one participated in because you weren’t going to be the wuss that stayed on shore because it was “too cold”—even though it clearly was. Yesterday I swam because the sun was hot and the water was perfectly refreshing. I paddled around in my parents’ canoe, tipping it multiple times with Curtis and my brother, climbing in and out as we drifted with the current provided by nearby boats and jet skis, forgetting for the time being the responsibilities left on shore.

This, Curtis and I decided later, is the nonsense we don’t always get to partake in as adults; this is the frivolousness we miss when life gets too serious.

For now, adult tasks and decision making prevails. Packing, checking duties off the list, before taking a few weeks off to mark the breaking point before we enter yet another phase of life where Curtis is no longer a student. Hopefully all this growing up has no correlation to our involvement in good-old-fashioned fun. Because this weekend reminded us both how much we love it.

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